BHE Montana LLC Renewable Energy Project Development

BHE Montana LLC has experience in all phases of project development including wind development, planning, permitting, building, and operating wind farms in North America. BHE Montana has experience integrating renewable energy projects, while working with government agencies, communities, landowners, and other stakeholders.

Project Development and Strong Community Relations in North America

The BHE Montana team believes that strong community relations and open communication are fundamental to the success of our work. From the beginning of each project, our teams keep stakeholders abreast of their progress and foster an open dialogue with community members to address concerns and expectations.

The development of renewable energy projects benefits local towns, counties, and states by promoting economic growth.  In addition, clean energy project development leads to a more environmentally friendly electric grid.

BHE Montana’s Conservation Program

BHE Montana’s wind farms operate in an environmentally sustainable manner, by avoiding or minimizing any adverse impacts to wildlife and their habitats. BHE Montana works to understand the natural conditions of each unique site. Incorporating site conditions, input from governmental agencies, and naturalist organizations into each sites Conservation Program.

BHE Montana has proven itself as an industry leader in conservation. With an extensive voluntary biomonitoring system and Conservation Program in place, BHE Montana goes above and beyond to protect eagles, bats, waterfowl and local raptor populations at all our sites.