BHE Montana LLC Holds Memberships and Certifications in the Clean Energy Industry

Memberships and Associations

ADI – ACE Diversity Interchange

  • Operating Group (OC)

American Clean Power Association

CAISO – California Independent System Operator

FERC – Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

NAEMA – North American Energy Markets Association

The North American Energy Markets Association (NAEMA) is an independent, nonprofit trade association representing entities involved in the buying and selling of energy or in providing services to the energy industry. Members work together to promote an informed, efficient and open energy marketplace throughout North America. NAEMA has over 150 members with operations in 48 states and numerous Canadian provinces. NAEMA members own and operate over 700,000 megawatts of generating capacity and serve over 150 million electric and gas customers.

NERC – North American Electric Reliability Corporation

BHE Canada – Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada

  • MATL Joint Operating Committee (JOC)

CAISO – California ISO / RC West

  • Emergency Preparedness & Power Restoration Group
  • Oversight Committee (OC)
  • Real Time Working Group (RTWG)

NWPP – Northwest Power Pool

  • Operating Committee (OC)
  • Operator Training Subcommittee
  • Reserve Sharing Group (RSG)
  • Western Frequency Response Sharing Group (WFRSG)

WECC – Western Electricity Coordinating Council

  • Event and Performance Analysis Subcommittee (EPAS)
  • Market Interface Committee (MIC)
  • Operating Committee (OC)


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